De Jong: I have a good relationship with laporta. I wonder if Messi will return.

De Jong: I have a good relationship with laporta. I wonder if Messi will return.

Live on May 20 th, De Rong recently accepted an interview with the Dutch media Ziggo Sport and talked about his career in Barcelona and winning the La Liga championship for the first time.

De Jong said: "In my fourth season with the team, I finally won the league title. Of course, I hoped that it was not the first time I won the championship. "

"I mean, we weren’t good enough before. Fortunately, we are good enough this year. Now we must ensure that we continue to become better and win more honors. "

"I have a good relationship with the chairman. I have never had a bad relationship with him. Of course, the team had some problems in the summer, but I had a good relationship with him. "

"laporta will hug you and shake your hand. We are in Spain, and people here will certainly be more emotional, especially when good things happen."

"I think in principle, every line of the team can be reinforced, but every team hopes so. Every team always wants to reinforce in every position."

"It’s hard for me to say this because I don’t know what the club can do. Because usually, you want players who can really improve the team, but they all have contracts with other clubs. "

"Some players spend a lot of money, so yes, it depends on the resources of the club."

Speaking of Messi, De Jong said: "He is a fantastic player. It would be great if he could come back, but I don’t know if this will happen. There are many rumors about Messi. As you and I think, you often hear about him, but at present I really don’t know more about it than you. "


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