Seventy million pounds, Liverpool finally locked in the standard definition Messi, Romano confirmed, klopp smiled.

Seventy million pounds, Liverpool finally locked in the standard definition Messi, Romano confirmed, klopp smiled.

After the 1-1 draw with Villa, Liverpool’s hopes of qualifying for the Champions League have been very slim. But at this difficult time, there is also good news. Just now, according to the latest news brought by authoritative journalist Romano. Liverpool have reached an agreement with Brighton on the transfer of mcallister, and the two sides have negotiated the specific transfer fee. Moreover, Liverpool also reached an oral agreement with the individual players on the annual salary of the new contract.

It is reported that Liverpool have been in contact with Brighton about the transfer of mcallister recently. Previously, the two sides had differences on the transfer fee, but now the specific transfer fee amount has been negotiated. According to Romano, Liverpool will sign mcallister for around 70 million pounds, which will be an important deal for them this summer. Besides, mcallister can get a weekly salary of 150,000-160,000 pounds after tax after joining Liverpool. In the team, this is already above the average salary level, which still does not include bonuses. It can be said that Liverpool attach great importance to mcallister and the players themselves are willing to join this team.

Objectively speaking, for Liverpool at this stage, the team really needs to add some fresh blood to the midfield. The team’s current midfield is old and uncompetitive, and the level of confrontation has also fallen sharply. In the past, klopp’s requirements for midfield were diligent running and tough confrontation. Because Liverpool like to control the ball in midfield by means of iron and blood encirclement and suppression. But now with the decline of players’ ability and age, Liverpool’s control over the midfield is getting weaker and weaker, which is why they are often suppressed by one side in the strong dialogue. As an all-around hexagonal warrior, mcallister not only has excellent footwork skills, but also his physical fitness, his confrontation and his creativity in the center and frontcourt are remarkable.

Although mcallister is not the top midfielder, he is proficient in all the things that can be done in midfield. Such an all-round midfielder is great for the improvement of the team, and I believe Liverpool have taken a fancy to this. Mcallister, 24, has played 37 games for Brighton this season, scoring 12 goals and sending out two assists. It is really excellent to hand over such data as a midfielder. mcallister, who is 1.76 meters tall, has strong athletic ability.

Although he looks thin, he has a tough confrontation. In the World Cup, Argentina used the three midfielders composed of him, Enzo and De Paul to control the ball. Even in the face of the powerful French team, mcallister and others still kept the ball firmly under their feet in the midfield. This requires strong physical fitness and exquisite personal skills, which are obviously available in mcallister. He is also the most versatile of Argentina’s three midfielders. At the same time, the signing of mcallister has another advantage, that is, there is no need to worry about adaptation.

In the past, when big teams bought midfielders at high prices, they always worried that players would throw water away. After all, there are many cases in which outstanding talented players show maladjustment after changing leagues, and then quickly degenerate. But mcallister made his name in the Premier League, and he has adapted to the intensity of the Premier League. In Brighton, a relatively weak team, he can play well. And coming to Liverpool with better strength, I believe his performance will only be better. There is no adaptability problem for players who play in the Premier League to transfer to another Premier League club. So Liverpool don’t have to worry about the deal falling through.

It is worth mentioning that Liverpool manager klopp is very fond of mcallister, and the deal was confirmed by Uncle klopp himself. I believe that after mcallister joins Liverpool, he can reach a new peak under the guidance of Uncle Zha. Of course, for Liverpool’s midfielders at this stage, they also have a little expectation next season. What do you think of the signing of mcallister?


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