General manager Pei 10 operates to build the best lineup? The US media is still worried about the poor record: try 3 for 1 bogdan.

General manager Pei 10 operates to build the best lineup? The US media is still worried about the poor record: try 3 for 1 bogdan.

The Los Angeles Lakers just renewed Anthony Davis with a maximum salary of 186 million yuan for three years. It is said that Ricky Paul called thick eyebrows and said, "The Lakers are willing to renew their contracts in advance and you will give them a maximum salary." AD immediately agreed cheerfully. In the next five years, the salary of thick eyebrows will be as high as 270 million, and Ricky Paul will earn a large commission.

Pelinka, vice president of Lakers operations, completed 10 operations this summer:

1. Renew the contract with 186 million yuan in advance in three years;

2. Renew Reeves for 54.2 million yuan in four years;

3. Renew Bacunlei with 51 million yuan in three years;

4. Renew Russell for 36 million yuan in two years;

5. Signed Vincent for 33 million in three years;

6.1 years, 4.5 million signed Prince;

7. Signed Reddish for 4.6 million in two years;

8. signed Hayes for 4.5 million in two years;

On September 17th, Shifino was selected; (17.89 million in four years)

Lewis was signed on October 40; (4 years, 7.69 million)

StatMuse, a data media, thinks that Pelinka’s operation has created the strongest lineup of the Lakers, and ESPN also predicts that the Lakers will win at least 46.5 wins and rank in the top five in the Western Conference next season without playing the play-offs.

However, NBA Analysis, an American media, doesn’t think so. They think that the Lakers may trade before the trading deadline next season. The record of the Lakers is not necessarily good. What will happen next season is still unknown. Ham is not satisfactory. He may not know how to use multiple front lines. Bogdan Bogdanovic may be traded before the deadline.

The trade plan is that the Lakers send Vincent, Vanderbilt and Prince to get bogdan and bogdan.He scored in double figures in all six seasons of his career. Last season, he averaged 27.9 minutes per game, scored 14 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 0.8 steals, hit 44.7% and hit 40.6% from three points. He was an excellent organizer and broke up with San.

Bogdan is a killer in the international arena. He was the scoring champion in the 19 th World Cup, with 183 points in 8 games.The shooting percentage is 55.6%, and the three-point shooting percentage is 53%. He can effectively reduce the scoring pressure of Zhan Mei.

The prerequisite for bogdan’s deal is that the Lakers have a poor record before the deadline for next season’s deal, otherwise such a deal should not be made.

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