Mingsu: I have a generation gap with Kobe! James and I are close in character!

Mingsu: I have a generation gap with Kobe! James and I are close in character!

According to the report on August 3rd, some famous NBA players who lost the official 75th National Congress were interviewed recently, and compared with James and Kobe, who were both teammates. He said that he has a generation gap with Kobe and is close to James.

This celebrity has been teammates with James and Kobe for many years, so his mentality is actually different. When he was a teammate with Kobe, he was still a giant and very strong player, so he wouldn’t give Kobe too much face. The celebrity said that most of their contradictions came from the generation gap, and another reason was that he had never been a teammate with Chaoju before.

He also talked about some of Kobe’s locker room behaviors. In fact, there is nothing unexpected. Everyone knows Kobe’s character. He said that Kobe will not talk to any teammates, and he may not even give a speech. Even if teammates greet him and greet him, Kobe will just ignore him and pass by. Kobe doesn’t like teammates to joke, but this celebrity likes to joke.

What about James? He is very close to the people, and is close to this famous character, at least in his eyes. The celebrity said that he and James are like twins, always joking and enjoying themselves. They will enjoy playing together, but they can still dominate the game.

In the past few days, different players have compared the personalities of James and Kobe or James and Jordan, or James’ personality, including Russell, Heywood, Pippen Jr. and Suede. James’s character is very close to the people and can be happy with his teammates. Kobe or Jordan’s character is withdrawn and overbearing, like a boss. They can all succeed, but obviously James is more popular with his teammates, followed by Jordan, and then Kobe is at the bottom.


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