170 million in 3 years! 110 million in 4 years! Lake human body lost money during the competition, name note: crazy gamble.

170 million in 3 years! 110 million in 4 years! Lake human body lost money during the competition, name note: crazy gamble.

Although looking at the salary paid by the Lakers last season and the final results, their performance was not very good. However, with several deals in the middle of the season, the Lakers still got a lot of very good resources, and at the same time cleared out several big contract players with big problems. However, they also faced problems in the off-season, and now they have to pay nearly $40 million in luxury tax. In this case, they also need to supplement the projection ability of the outside line.

Although the Lakers need to complete a lot of work in this offseason, the management of the Lakers can be said to be very good as a whole from the current situation. Now for them, besides the continuous negotiations with James, the most important thing is to renew Anthony Davis’ contract and consider whether to renew Russell’s contract.

Judging from the current situation of the whole free market, the Lakers may not have a better choice. After all, after renewing the contract with Rivers, the salary space of the Lakers is still stretched.

ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst talked about the prospect of Lakers striker Anthony Davis renewing his contract in advance when he participated in the program today.

"This (early contract renewal) is not in a hurry. Anthony Davis will not make a decision before August 5, but I do think the Lakers will provide some form of offer this week, or at least show their intention to make an offer." Brian Windhorst said.

According to previous reports, Davis expects to complete the contract renewal in advance at the beginning of the new season training camp, and the contract salary can reach up to 170 million US dollars for three years. Of course, many well-known journalists in the industry think that this will be a big gamble for the Lakers.

In addition, ESPN reporter Stephen A Smith talked about Dangelo Russell in the program.

Smith said: "I think his value is underestimated. Listen, Dangelo Russell can fight. Dangelo Russell, let me explain your performance in Patrick Beverly Podcast. You are underestimated. You deserve a contract of more than two years and 36 million dollars. In fact, I think you should at least get a contract with an annual salary of 25 million to 27 million US dollars. "

At present, many insiders predict that Russell may want to get a four-year contract of $110 million. As the fans said, in this age of salary explosion, the annual salary of around $25 million is really not too much.

Of course, fortunately, for the Lakers, as long as a few long-term renewal contracts are settled now, the Lakers should maintain a relatively good standing in the next few seasons, and at the same time be able to maintain the current lineup. You know, after successfully completing the integration of this lineup last season, the Lakers didn’t go through much running-in. If the potential of this existing lineup can be successfully released, then the Lakers are still very hopeful to win a more competitive position next season.

I don’t know what your golfers think about this.


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