There are more than 90 million unmarried women of school age in China, and the "leftover women" are a shame. Family members: they are guilty if they don’t get married

There are more than 90 million unmarried women of school age in China, and the "leftover women" are a shame. Family members: they are guilty if they don’t get married

Master’s degree, doctor’s degree and senior management were once regarded as synonymous with social elites. However, once these positions are occupied by women, they seem to contain profound meaning.

Especially those women who are highly educated and enterprising, because of the pursuit of career

Missed best age for marriage, which was considered as "tradition", and some netizens called them "leftover women".

The word "leftover women" has the meaning of being chosen and rejected, which is a kind of malice for unmarried women.

With the progress of society and the improvement of women’s education, more and more women begin to have new requirements for their lives and partners.

Some people think that marriage is no longerThe only need of women. At present, there are more than 90 million single women in China, who have chosen independence and career at this age when they should get married.

However, it is not easy to stick to this choice.

The struggle and helplessness of Chinese leftover women

The documentary "The Leftover Women in China" reveals the struggle and helplessness of intellectual women in China between freedom and secularism.

According to the film, if single intellectual women in China are not married after the age of 27, they will be crowned as "leftover women". In the marriage and love market, such women often become picky.Object.

Although they are single for different reasons, it is similar that they are independent.Career and high education.

Higher knowledge and independent economic foundation make them not rush into marriage. This documentary shows the plight of single women.

The main characters of this documentary are three mature women from big cities. They all have enviable jobs, but they are not married in their late thirties for various reasons.

Under the pressure of society and family, some of them choose to compromise, some choose to resist, and some choose to be silent.

Hua Mei, a young lawyer, came out of the countryside and passedCollege entrance examinationEnter the university, and then work hard in the big city. Her views on marriage are quite different from those of her parents and family.

As the most promising child in the family, she used to be the pride of her parents, but when she was still unmarried in her late thirties, she became a "shame" in the eyes of her family.

Huamei was born in the countryside, and her parents’ ideas are very traditional. Because of limited family conditions and my sister’s poor study, I got married very early. Huamei has become the hope of parents. After being admitted to the university, her parents were really proud. However, with the growth of Huamei’s ageHer family began to urge her to get married.

Huamei’s sister’s children have all run away, but Huamei hasn’t found a suitable partner yet, which makes her parents very anxious. Therefore, although Huamei has an enviable job andhigh incomeHowever, it has become "inferior" in the eyes of parents just because it is unmarried. In the eyes of family members, not getting married is tantamount to violating social morality and is a manifestation of unfilial. These shackles in the name of family ties made Huamei breathless and gradually became a "sinner" in the eyes of her family. The attitude of her parents and her sister’s harsh words constantly hurt the heart of this strong and independent girl since childhood. Facing the camera, Huamei couldn’t help but burst into tears. The original warm home has become a jungle full of thorns. Every time she goes home, she feels pain, so she can only choose to escape.

If you don’t know this clearly, marriage will be very difficult, and even if you are barely together, there will be various contradictions.

The third protagonist of this documentary is a rural girl named Gaiqi. She is in her thirties and has been in love several times, but she has not found a suitable partner. Gaiqi was born in the countryside, with a heavy family burden, but through her own efforts, she became an assistant professor at the Film Academy, with independent economy and comfortable life. However, she has been under the weight of family problems and responsibilities.

Three different roles and three different lives fully show the living conditions of older women. Social pair"leftover women"Not friends.

Ok. China is a society that pays attention to tradition. Up to now, almost no one can exist without society. Getting married and having children is not only the expectation of parents for their children, but also the sustenance for the future. bigMost children are also dependent on their parents in their later years.. Being without children is a very serious problem for China people, so many people advocate having more children and more happiness. This means that if you want to stay single, you must fight against the vast majority of people in society and years of tradition.

As long as you are over twenty-five or even just in your early twenties, you will continue to have relatives and friends to introduce yourself. If you are single and don’t accept the kindness of others, you will be accused or even insulted by others. In the movieIn If You Are the One,The stewardess played by Shu Qi is single and independent, but she will still be ridiculed by others and even intimidated by her family. For older single women, being single is an urgent problem to be solved.

In the documentary, Wang Manni in Nothing But Thirty has a decent job and a high income, but he still hopes to improve his living standard by getting married. Although she didn’t succeed with her blind date in the end, she was very anxious about being single and eager to marry herself quickly. The discussion of the problem of leftover women in countless movies and TV plays proves how unfriendly society is to older single women.

At the end of the documentary,The three protagonists mentioned have all made their own choices.. Hua Mei, a female lawyer, chose to study abroad to avoid disputes with her family, which made her unable to live a normal life. Her stubborn father supported her this time and gave her some comfort. Radio anchor Xiaomin didn’t want to put up with her mother’s strength any more, and began to reflect on her own problems, hoping that her mother would let her decide her own life. Although her resistance aroused her mother’s strong dissatisfaction, and even they had a fierce argument, she bravely took the first step, hoping to firmly maintain her own opinions in the future.

For children, the excessive intervention of parents will lead them to rely too much on their parents to form independent ideas. The most important sign of maturity is the sense of independence. If you are all children, how can you expect them to become other people’s parents in the future? However, with Huamei,Xiao Min’s difference is that Gaiqi finally chose to compromise.. In order to relieve the family pressure, Gaiqi married herself in a year. Her husband’s family is also from the countryside. Although she is younger than her, Gaiqi said that she has already owed too much foreign debt for her parents. Getting married can relieve her pressure. However, her husband’s family disliked her age and told her not to tell her real age to her relatives and friends. However, after one year of marriage, Gaiqi gave birth to a child, and now her family of three is full of vitality because of the arrival of the child. At this time, who can say that Gaiqi is unhappy and lives an ordinary and happy life like most ordinary people?

This documentary tells us that the three protagonists are struggling for the survival of single women in their lives. Although single life is free, it is also under great pressure. Among these pressures, family is the most important source, and being able to make parents accept their single status is the biggest challenge for leftover women.

Netizens generally believe that being single does not mean failure. On the contrary, Yong

Dare to choose single can reflect the courage of modern independent women. Single women deserve more respect and protection. The more developed the society and the higher the economic level, the less people depend on their families. Therefore, social elites such as high-end people and entertainment stars are more likely to become the "hardest hit areas" for leftover women. They can live independently very well and even avoid a lot of interpersonal troubles.

For them, it is not important to choose whether to raise children. They enjoy the freedom and convenience brought by being single. If marriage can’t bring happiness and make their lives better, then why choose marriage?

Faye Yu, 52-year-old independent woman.Still remain single and don’t regard marriage as an inevitable choice. She is very satisfied with her current single status and thinks that it has brought more freedom and a wonderful life.

Women with both talents and looks like Faye Yu often have strong independence and tenacity.

Grid. Age is not the decisive factor of a person’s lifestyle. Some people may choose to get married at the age of 20, while others may still be elegant single women at the age of 60. Marriage is not the only choice in life. With the increasing tolerance of society, the concept of "leftover women" may no longer be regarded as the object of discrimination or attack in the future.

The higher the civilization of society, the more diversified people’s lifestyles will be. Marriage is only one option among many lifestyles. Choosing not to marry does not mean that our life will not be happy. With the continuous improvement of the social system and the convenience of medical care, the problem of providing for the aged will no longer become a pressure. individualThe accumulation and efforts are the same.Can bring a quality life.

When secular standards gradually disappear, feelings may become more pure, and human happiness index is expected to continue to improve.


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