Losing to Real Madrid, Jose Lu scored a goal.

Losing to Real Madrid, Jose Lu scored a goal.

On March 11th, Beijing time, in the 25th round of La Liga, the Spaniards played against Real Madrid. In the game, Jose Lu scored a goal first and his opponent scored three goals in succession. In the end,Spanish away 1-3 Real Madrid..

● Starting: 13- Fernando Pacheco, 2- Oscar Hill, 23- montes, 24- Sergio Gomez, 4- cabrera, 12- Sosa, 15- Gragera, 10- Dader, 27- Ruben Sanchez, 17- Braithwaite, 9- Joselu.

● Substitution: 1- Juan Garcia, 25- alvaro fernandez, 5- Caleiro, 6- Deneys Suarez, 7- Puado, 14- Olivain, 16- Lasso, 18- Pierre Gabriel, 19- Dani Gomez, 20- Ai Du, 21- Melamed, 22- Alex.

● substitution: 69′ Pierre Gabriel=Oscar Hill ↓

75′ Deneys Suarez=Gragera ↓

75′ Puado=Ruben Sá nchez ↓

84′ Alex vidal=Sergio Gomez ↓

84′ Melamed=Pierre Gabriel ↓

In the second minute, Hill sent a long pass from the midfield, and Braithwaite was blocked from the bottom line by hitting the door in the restricted area. In the 8th minute, Ruben Sanchez got the ball from the flank and made a direct cross, and Jose Lu kept up with the push and shot!Real Madrid 0-1 Spaniard.

In the 15th minute, Dader made a free kick into the penalty area, and Sosa headed the ball and was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 22nd minute, the opponent equalized the score.Real Madrid 1-1 Spaniard. In the 39th minute, the opponent scored another goal.Real Madrid 2-1 Spaniard.

In the 55th minute, cabrera kicked the door wide in the restricted area. In the 62nd minute, Dader took a corner kick and Gragera missed from a long range. In the 69th minute, Pierre Gabriel appeared and replaced Hill.

In the 75th minute, Deneys Suarez and Puado appeared, replacing Gragera and Ruben Sanchez. In the 83rd minute, Pierre Gabriel was injured and retired. In the 84th minute, vidal and Melamed appeared, replacing Sergio Gomez and Pierre Gabriel. In the third minute of the second half stoppage time, the opponent scored another goal.Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.

Finally, the whole game ended.Spanish away 1-3 Real Madrid..

01:30 on March 19th (Sunday)

La Liga Round 26 SpanishVs Certa


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