Lenovo shares in Callisto

Lenovo shares in Callisto

According to Tianyancha App, recently, Callisto (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Callisto") has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and shareholders have added Lenovo (Tianjin) Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Suzhou Yuanqi Netan Phase I Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership). At the same time, the registered capital of the company increased from 1.25 million to 10 million.

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According to the data, Callisto was founded in early 2022 by a group of Geek who focus on automobile safety technology. From the perspective of both offensive and defensive, it integrates artificial intelligence and expert knowledge to provide more efficient automobile safety solutions.

According to relevant industry data, the overall scale of the intelligent networked car market continues to grow, and intelligent networked cars will become the first choice for most interested users. Under such a trend, the network risks and the probability of hacker attacks faced by vehicles have greatly increased. The security of vehicle assets and communication, the security of mobile travel service and vehicle networking service have become common challenges for the industry.

Thanks to the accumulation of professional knowledge in the field of automobile safety for many years, the Callisto team has built a new generation of network security platform based on the idea of Sight and Shield to Security, based on the safety awareness, AI algorithm and automobile data anomaly analysis engine of virtual and real vehicles and data knowledge fusion.

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And in October last year, Callisto announced technical cooperation with Baidu. The core product of Callisto, VSOC Vehicle Security Operation Center, and Baidu’s IDPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service will complement each other, realize an end-to-end automotive network security framework, and strive to protect the security of vehicle core data, assets and intelligent scenarios. Callisto Technology and Baidu will jointly establish a multi-layer defense architecture to provide awareness and defense capabilities against new threats in the automotive network.

It is reported that Callisto is currently providing network security support for leading companies in the global smart car field, autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems.


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