Safer! Healthier! Let the "silver-haired people" live a smart old-age life.

Safer! Healthier! Let the "silver-haired people" live a smart old-age life.

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Moderator: Intern reporter Su Jingjing

Dialogue guests: Jianyu Yang NPC deputy and Party Secretary of China Mobile Zhejiang Company.

Liu Qingfeng, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Iflytek.

Li Nannan, deputy to the National People’s Congress, Changqing Laoling Nursing Home for the Aged, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

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In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, people have paid more and more attention to the interconnected, intelligent and intelligent old-age care. How should the majority of elderly people live a beautiful and happy life through wisdom? Listen to what the NPC deputies have to say.

China is one of the fastest aging countries. During the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the degree of population aging in China will further deepen. The population aged 60 and above will account for more than 20% of the total population, and China has entered a moderately aging society.

In recent years, the market scale of China’s smart pension industry has expanded rapidly. Cutting-edge technologies and smart devices will play an increasingly important role in the aged care service, and "smart aged care" is becoming a new hot word.

So, how should we promote the "silver-haired people" to live a smart old-age life? Let’s listen to the views of the deputies.

Artificial intelligence makes old-age care services diversified.

Netizen @ Binbin: How does artificial intelligence help the elderly and make the aged care service more "smart"?

Representative Liu Qingfeng: From smart watches to smart hearing AIDS, from domestic nursing robots to future companion robots, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the aged care service.

Artificial intelligence technology can help the elderly improve their quality of life and happiness index. For example, artificial intelligence can integrate the diagnosis and treatment ability of general practitioners, combine daily active care for the elderly with health management, provide personalized health care services for the elderly, and make the combination of medical care and nursing more perfect. The intelligent voice interactive terminal based on artificial intelligence interactive technology can provide all-weather emotional escort for the elderly, such as heart-to-heart communication, video chat, holiday greetings, opera entertainment and so on. In addition, in order to make the old-age care service under artificial intelligence empowerment more "smart", it is necessary for relevant enterprises and units to conduct in-depth research and accurately grasp the needs of the elderly.

At this year’s two sessions, I put forward suggestions to support the research on the integration of software and hardware adapted to the aging of science and technology. Through the development and application of products such as intelligent active care and home terminal hardware, an intelligent service system of man-machine cooperation will be formed to care for and protect the safety of elderly people living alone and empty nesters. I also suggest that science and technology should be included in the national development strategy.

Deputy Li Nannan: On the one hand, smart products for the aged should be "free from influence", that is, data collection and behavior model of the elderly should be realized without disturbing the elderly and requiring their active operation. The realization of this "no influence" needs the help of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, artificial intelligence can also make the aged care service more diversified and personalized.

Artificial intelligence can provide for the aged, which has broad prospects and applications, but human services are also essential. Let me give you an example. After the induction alarm detects the fall of the elderly, there should be follow-up services, such as notifying family members or assigning qualified caregivers and doctors to come to the house for help. Some personalized rehabilitation programs also need nurses and caregivers to help the elderly realize.

Do a good job in the aging design of intelligent products

Netizen @ Mr. Liu: In the face of smart devices, many elderly people have problems that they can’t use, don’t want to use, and can’t use. Then, how should smart devices serve the elderly and do a good job in aging design?

Deputy Liu Qingfeng: I think we should start from the reality of demand side and management side, and explore the adaptive aging of smart devices. For the demand side, we can design the product function from the service directions of safety protection, health care, convenient life, material security and emotional care. For example, we can provide all kinds of consultation and hospital registration services for the elderly on the home TV terminal.

For the management side, it is necessary to make the service management of caring for the elderly more refined, the emergency closed-loop disposal more perfect, and the comprehensive service better. For example, using the intelligent medical assistant telephone robot to call the elderly regularly every day is helpful to know the dynamics and needs of the elderly in time and provide care and health examination. Once an exception occurs, it can be notified in time to avoid accidents.

Deputy Li Nannan: When designing smart products for aging, we should thoroughly investigate the needs of the elderly and design products from the perspective of the elderly. Specifically, I want to give three examples.

The first is the aging of TV. We can try to design the TV more suitable for aging, for example, simplifying the operation process of TV, allowing the elderly to video with their relatives, customizing domestic care services through TV, etc., so as to make TV a "big one" mobile phone.

The second is the aging of smart homes. Induction lamp, voice control curtains, voice robots, etc. can improve the quality of old-age care services and the quality of life of the elderly to a certain extent. However, in actual use, the old people’s Putonghua may not be very good, and their speech speed may be slow, which may cause smart devices to be unable to recognize related voices. Therefore, smart home equipment should go deep into the elderly to conduct research, further improve the accuracy of speech recognition, so as to better meet the needs of the elderly.

Finally, the smart phone is suitable for aging. In my opinion, a mobile phone suitable for the elderly should have a simple and clean man-machine interface, and retain the design of buttons. At the same time, it also needs to have applications commonly used in smart phones, and it is best to provide the function of "one-click download of applications commonly used by the elderly".

Promote the development of smart and healthy pension industry.

Netizen @ Chenxi: China has a large number of elderly people, and the task of coping with population aging is heavy. In the future, how to promote the rapid development of China’s smart and healthy pension industry?

Representative Jianyu Yang: Smart pension is an emerging industrial form with intelligent products and information platforms as the carrier, facing people’s health and pension service needs, and deeply integrating the next generation of information technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Through extensive research and in-depth practice, I believe that the smart pension industry in China is still in its infancy, and there are still some problems in its construction. For example, the supply of smart pension products is insufficient, the level of digital services needs to be improved, and the cultivation of smart pension industry needs to be strengthened.

I suggest that we should strengthen the supply of products to meet the growing demand for smart old-age care. Through the implementation of the demonstration project of science and technology to help the elderly, we will enrich the types of smart old-age products and improve the intelligent level of products; Promote the aging transformation of Internet applications, and support the launch of more intelligent terminal products and applications for the elderly with simple interface and convenient operation.

At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen technical empowerment and enhance the service ability of smart pension scenarios. It is necessary to further enlarge the advantages of technology empowerment, support the expansion of pension scenarios such as smart nursing homes, smart home-based pensions, and smart restaurants for the elderly, and establish and improve a standard system for smart and healthy pensions; Further enlarge the advantages of data empowerment and improve the analysis ability of data such as behavior portraits, behavior monitoring and safety monitoring of the elderly.

In addition, it is necessary to optimize the industrial environment and make the modern old-age service industry bigger and stronger. It is necessary to increase investment in the smart pension industry, actively support innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of smart pension, improve the digital talent training system in the pension industry, and strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly.


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