The Clippers and the fig leaf, the lineup has existed in name only.

The Clippers and the fig leaf, the lineup has existed in name only.

The Clippers have been cornered by the Sun, which is 1-3 behind, and the Sun has got the match point. This is already a hopeless situation. Even if George and Leonard return next, it is impossible to win three games in a row. Facing the reality of being eliminated, it can be said that the Clippers have been hiding in the past four years, but the lineup has already existed in name only, and all the team’s future plans can be stranded.

Let’s take this season as an example. George and Leonard have been injured repeatedly, and they haven’t played a few games together. These two are not only getting more and more glass, and injuries are inevitable for them. In addition, there is a normal rest. Otherwise, Leonard will be popular this season, but because of injuries and rest, the Clippers’ lineup exists in name only. The so-called Galaxy battleship and the small wreck are just a window, and these two have been poking this window crazily.

Wei Shao didn’t expect to be the last fig leaf of the Clippers. Wei Shao has been sending a positive energy to the Clippers throughout the playoffs. Although Wei Shao’s performance in the game will not always be excellent, Wei Shao is the most passionate one in both the lost game and the won game. Leonard can’t talk about Wei Shao’s contribution under the circumstances, but in the last two wars, Wei Shao dreamed of returning to the peak and caused a lot of trouble to the Sun with a small wreck. After the game, he not only won the affirmation of his teammates, but also gained the respect of his opponents.

This season’s Clippers are basically over, but it seems that the Clippers have always had such a problem in the previous three years. In the first season, George played with Leonard for the longest time, and in the eyes of Clippers fans, this season is also the most likely season to win the championship. However, because Rivers used the lineup improperly, he was turned over by the Nuggets in the playoffs. The defeat of the Double-Core in that year was shameful, or there was no fig leaf in this season.

In the following two seasons, injuries happened unexpectedly. In the playoffs, George reached the Western Conference finals. If Leonard came back, there was definitely a chance to win the championship that season. In the other season, the Clippers missed the playoffs directly. From these two seasons, the Clippers basically existed in name only, and this season was the last struggle of the Clippers and the last chance that the Clippers could give George and Leonard. Now, neither side has seized this opportunity.

The next offseason is not too long, but it is quite long for the Clippers. The reason is that this team has to make a choice, whether to continue to build a team with Joka or directly sell two people to rebuild. No matter what choice the Clippers make, it is not unexpected, but the Clippers can officially declare the team construction a failure.


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