Showdown! Riyadh successfully cracked down on the team’s "false self-discipline", and it was necessary to punish the extra training without permission. Cristiano Ronaldo smelled uneasiness.

Showdown! Riyadh successfully cracked down on the team’s "false self-discipline", and it was necessary to punish the extra training without permission. Cristiano Ronaldo smelled uneasiness.

Some people were punished for missing the temporary extra training for the team holidays, while others were warned by the club because they were willing to take extra training. If the occurrence of the former situation is sympathetic, then the latter situation is confusing. According to the normal logic, it should be a sign of self-improvement and self-discipline for the players to train themselves, which is also a kind of freedom in the players’ personal time arrangement. How can a club interfere with the players’ self-training and even punish them? This sounds a bit illogical, is it really possible to happen?

There really is! According to the news from Saudi media arriyadiyah, Riyadh Victory recently announced that players are prohibited from privately training, and they will face punishment if they violate the regulations. The media said that the management of Riyadh Victory told all the first-team players not to use the club’s special center as the headquarters for extra training, and mentioned that any player who wants to practice more must consult and coordinate with the technical staff of the club’s coaching staff in advance, and all training should be carried out under the supervision of the technical staff of the coaching staff. Violation of the new management regulations will be punished by the club.

The seemingly unreasonable regulations reveal some helplessness. At first, no one did extra training. Later, one person did, and other players followed suit. Some people injured themselves, and some people tired themselves. All of them did extra training, and the team’s performance became more and more difficult. From the third-line championship training to the third-line collapse, the extra training that could not improve their performance seemed to be like practicing in the gym. Some players practiced and possessed themselves, and the lawn became a swimming pool.

There are also some players who have practiced a water injection muscle, and their muscles have grown, but the confrontation is weak, and the direction is wrong. They have developed weak muscles and vegetable muscles, which were originally the level of the bench in the Premier League and the World Cup. Now they can’t understand it in the 68 th League. There are also some players who practice and practice the electrolyte of their bodies. Passing the ball is like leakage, and their legs are pumping. The left leg is like a live wire, and the right leg is like a zero line. The left leg accidentally tripped over the right leg, and it was short-circuited, and it fell to the ground with a bang. No wonder Riyadh’s victory was accompanied by the technical staff of the coaching staff, who were all practicing hard and not talking about science.

Some players say that they are training, but they are actually busy in the transfer, strategizing in the gym, remotely controlling their agents, and entering fantasy time. I went to Newcastle today, and I got the Champions League qualification, so I should be needed. Go to Real Madrid tomorrow and lose to Manchester City. You can’t do anything without me as the king of the Champions League. I went to Bayern again the day after tomorrow. You just need a cake eater. I can play center.

There are still some players who don’t know whether they are really practicing or putting on a show. The low eq is called surfing on the internet, and the high eq is called cyber fitness. All of a sudden, the factors are this, all of a sudden, the blackouts are this, and then the customs are closed. When you’re done, don’t forget to put a few more pictures online to satisfy your fans and maintain your self-discipline and hard work. Riyadh’s victory is really bitter in my heart. If we don’t stop this show-like training, a good club will become a large online celebrity incubator base. If we don’t accompany and supervise the players’ training, some will practice hard and some will run away.


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