Du Feng Apostolic Officer announced to leave the team! Yi Jianlian sent a message to make people cry! Zhu Fangyu shouted that it was unacceptable!

Du Feng Apostolic Officer announced to leave the team! Yi Jianlian sent a message to make people cry! Zhu Fangyu shouted that it was unacceptable!

Hongyuan team has always been a giant in China basketball, and the championship trophy seems to be not far from them. Behind this phenomenon, the biggest contributor is Yi Jianlian. As the first brother of the men’s basketball team, Yi Jianlian’s strength undoubtedly makes people full of confidence in Hongyuan team, and almost thinks that they will never lose or lose. However, in the CBA playoffs that ended at the end of April this year, Hongyuan team was eliminated by Guangsha team with a big score of 1-2. At this time, everyone realized that today’s Hongyuan team is different.

Yi Jianlian, once the savior of Hongyuan team, is no longer an omnipotent team pillar. This is a regrettable fact for Guangdong Hongyuan basketball team. However, both general manager Zhu Fangyu and head coach Du Feng know that the reinforcement in the offseason is related to how far the team can go next season. Zhu Fangyu said that reinforcement is urgent for the team. Yi Jianlian was unable to play because of his age, and Ma Shang, a foreign aid, was unable to do so because of his age. This situation has brought great challenges to the team. Before the player registration is completed, Zhu Fangyu must find a player who can replace Yi Jianlian and Ma Shang, otherwise it may make the same mistake again in the new season.

When Zhu Fangyu was ready to contribute to the team, bad news came. Zeng Maozhou, the young defender of Hongyuan Team, announced his resignation. He decided to leave the team and return to Tsinghua University to continue his studies. This news makes people feel sorry because Zeng Maozhou is a potential player in the team. Zeng Maozhou explained that he will start his third year of study in September this year, and the master’s course in Tsinghua University is very difficult. He felt that he could not take care of his studies and basketball training at the same time. Therefore, after careful consideration, he decided to leave the team and go back to school to complete his postgraduate studies.

Zeng Maozhou said with emotion: "Thank you very much for being a member of Hongyuan team. It really makes me happy to play with every teammate. At the same time, it is my honor to be a student directed by Du. He has taught me a lot and made me grow up greatly. It’s just a pity that I didn’t play a game at home after the start of the third stage. "

Tsinghua University’s Zeng Maozhou undoubtedly became the focus in the CBA draft in 2022. As a rookie selected by Hongyuan team in the 17th overall pick in the first round, he has great potential and plasticity, and is regarded as a future star worthy of training by the team. However, fate gave him an unexpected challenge at the beginning of his career.

In the second half of his career, Zeng Maozhou suffered a serious injury and had to miss the game. This is undoubtedly a blow, which not only makes him lose the opportunity to continue to show himself, but also makes him unable to continue to integrate into the running-in and development of the team. Nevertheless, Zeng Maozhou’s performance of averaging 4.8 points, 1.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists shows that he has shown his value in a short time on the court. His talent and potential attracted the attention of the team.

Du Feng, the head coach of Hongyuan Team, has always placed high hopes on Zeng Maozhou. He saw Zeng Maozhou’s talent and potential, and often personally guided his training to help him constantly improve his skills and abilities. After Zeng Maozhou left the team to continue his studies, Du Feng was somewhat reluctant. He knows that Zeng Maozhou’s departure will have a certain impact on the development of the team, but he also fully respects Zeng Maozhou’s decision and wishes him an early return from school.

Zeng Maozhou’s departure has aroused people’s concern and reluctance. He was described as a hard-working and enterprising player, and his departure made everyone feel very sad and uncomfortable. Yi Jianlian issued a document saying that he wished Zeng Maozhou to successfully complete his studies. Zeng Maozhou also shed tears, but he hoped to finish the third year of graduate school smoothly, because the door of Hongyuan team was always open for him. The banquet will eventually break up, which is a deep and philosophical statement. People are always reluctant to leave, but this is the reality of life. For Zeng Maozhou, his basketball career has come to an end temporarily, and he needs to prepare for his future. Even though he left Hongyuan team, he still had confidence in himself and believed that he could achieve something in his studies.

With Zeng Maozhou’s departure, everyone hopes that he can successfully complete his studies and return to Hongyuan Team. He is a player worth looking forward to, and his determination and hard work make people full of trust in him. As Yi Jianlian said, the door of Hongyuan team is always open for him, which is a kind of praise and encouragement for him and also an expectation for his future.

People all hope that Zeng Maozhou can pass the third year of research safely and smoothly, and achieve good results. His departure is only temporary, and his basketball dream is still burning in his heart. His persistence and hard work will win him more opportunities and challenges. When he returns to Hongyuan team, we believe he will be more mature and firm.


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