Behind the scenes of NBA draft: the stage for shaping basketball stars

Behind the scenes of NBA draft: the stage for shaping basketball stars

The NBA draft is a symbolic annual event in the basketball world. It can not only tap new talents for all teams in the league, but also serve as a springboard for many young basketball players to realize their dreams.

1. Student athlete declaration

The NBA draft process begins with the declaration of student athletes. College students and international players can choose to submit their own draft applications within a specific time limit.

2. Draft combination ranking

According to the record of last season and the results of the lottery, the team got the selection order of the draft. The drawing of the top draft is a concerned link, and all teams are eager to draw the top draft pick.

3. Player evaluation

The league will organize a pre-draft camp for coaches and managers of each team to evaluate the draft participants. The contents of the evaluation include ball skill test, physical assessment, interview, etc.

4. draft conference

The NBA draft is usually held in June every year, which is the climax of the whole draft process. All teams participating in the draft will choose new players in two rounds according to a predetermined order.

first inning

In the first draft, the rookie selected by the team will get a guaranteed contract. These players are usually regarded as the elite of this new talent.

The contract of the players in the second round is not guaranteed, and the team and the players need to negotiate further.

5. Rookie Contract and Training Camp

After signing contracts with their teams, the selected players will participate in summer leagues and training camps to start their basketball career in the NBA.

The NBA draft is a bridge between the league and young basketball players. It is a place full of hopes and dreams, and it is also a key link for the team’s future development. Through this carefully planned and organized process, NBA not only shaped the new star of basketball, but also further promoted the globalization process of basketball.


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