The case of Big and Small S v. Gesci opened today, demanding compensation of NT$ 4 million. The defendant was unwilling.

The case of Big and Small S v. Gesci opened today, demanding compensation of NT$ 4 million. The defendant was unwilling.

On September 18th, Beijing time, according to media reports, the case of Big and Small S suing Gersiqi was opened today, and the merger of Big and Small S demanded compensation of NT$ 4 million. Gersiqi himself felt very aggrieved about the prosecution of Big and Small S, and expressed his bitterness.

Gesiqi told the reporter, "I shared it with you in good faith. He just shared the things in the past interview with you, and the defendant received a subpoena." Moreover, Gusky himself also said that he really didn’t understand why Big and Small S only sued themselves, but not Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan and Huang Zijiao.

However, Gesiqi’s mentality is still very good. He said that although he was sued, he had to face it calmly, and he didn’t have any accusations about the size of S. It seems that Gesiqi is still relatively calm.

However, some netizens added that, in fact, Big S sued Zhang Lan and Wang Xiaofei, but Little S didn’t participate in this matter, but many netizens said that Big S was a sign of bullying the soft and fearing the hard.

After all, compared with Huang Zijiao, Gesiqi is at best a online celebrity and an ordinary entertainment paparazzi. There is no such connection as Huang Zijiao, so it is really much easier to sue Gesiqi than to sue Huang Zijiao.

However, some netizens said that the size S is "if you have no money, you will make money by going to court." "There is a lack of money anyway." Some netizens ridiculed that "the only star in history who lives exclusively by suing others."

However, since Gesiqi was involved in this lawsuit, he had to respond to the lawsuit, and he really talked about others on the Internet. In fact, this is not the first person to sue Gesiqi, and the Taiwan Province singer skinny had already said that he would sue him.

Of course, as a paparazzi, Gesiqi is not afraid to sue anyway. Isn’t that what paparazzi eat? If they are afraid of the defendant, how dare they continue to break the news on the Internet? This is not at all emboldened, and there are many S-traffic. Gesiqi can also eat wave traffic.

However, NT$ 4 million is not a small sum. I don’t know whether Gesiqi can eat or not. Of course, it is not certain that the size S will win. Gesiqi still has a way to defend himself. He is a professional.

In fact, Gersiqi had never told Wang Xiaofei less before, but instead, he and Wang Xiaofei became friends in the end, and they often stayed together. This may be that the enemy of the enemy is his friend.

No matter now, Gersiqi and Wang Xiaofei have become defendants in big S, which is something they have in common. In fact, Gesiqi also revealed in the live broadcast that he still has a lot of material in his hand, and he will break the news as soon as the lawsuit is finished.

This may be his delaying tactic, thinking that it can scare the big and small S not to sue him any more, but now it seems that the big and small S are not scared by this remark of Gesiqi, but they have sent him to court anyway.

Now Gesiqi and Wang Xiaofei are completely on the same front, but Wang Xiaofei is rich after all. I don’t know how much Gesiqi, the paparazzi, has to pay for it. We will wait and see what the final outcome of the lawsuit is and who will win.


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